Tangerine Scream – 20th January, 2016

Some cars with crazy colour schemes can be “all mouth and no trousers” when it comes to delivering performance to match the looks. But this 2015 Ford Focus ST’s attention seeking hi-viz colour is backed up with some pretty impressive power and handling. And you can buy this one when it’s auctioned next week at Turners Hamilton.

The Ford Focus has been a huge international best seller since its 1998 release. In NZ we were stuck with the boring old Ford Lazer and didn’t get the Focus until the rest of the world had well and truly fallen in love. And being Ford there were fast versions of the Focus that New Zealanders’ could only admire from the side of a gravel road, watching Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz tearing up the Rally of NZ before driving home in our not so sporty Lazer Sports. Finally, in 2003, NZ got the Focus Mk1 and shortly after, the Focus ST170 (like this one). Now we have the Mk3 ST Ecoboost and the power has gone through the roof.

This 2015 Focus ST2 has travelled only 2650kms by one owner so is pretty much a new car. The auction estimate is $34,000 - $36,000 which is around $15k under the new price. What you get is a 2 litre turbo charged engine generating around 250hp, a 0-100kph time of 6.5 seconds and a top speed close to 250kph. It’s faster, quieter and more economical than the previous model and this ST2 spec car is loaded with goodies, way too many to list here. Then there’s that colour. Ford have often come up with some loud colours and often given them fairly creative names. In the past there has been “Toxic” (Kermit green), “Citric Acid” (lime green) and “Acid Rush” (gold) and that’s just a small sample of colours from the BA Falcon range. This Focus comes in the well named Tangerine Scream.

While you won’t see too many of these on the road in NZ you will see this one. You can’t miss it. If you want to be driving it rather than just gawking at it as it speeds past then you need to get to Turners Hamilton next Thursday (28th Jan) and bid. 

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