1.2 Million kilometres by One Owner!

1.2 Million kilometres by One Owner!

That’s right, this 1993 Toyota Hilux has racked up 1,211,493kms by one owner. Yep, one man and his trusty Hilux have travelled the equivalent of going to the moon and back…3 TIMES! Or 30 times around Earth’s equator. It still has the original engine and it looks like it’s just run in.

The Toyota Hilux has legendary reliability but sometimes legends don’t line up with reality. But here’s proof in the form of an actual Hilux that’s gone so well for so long, over so many kilometres. And it’s a testament to the owner who has kept this ute in such good shape. Just look at the photos – sure it’s not mint, but it’s better than nearly any other 1993 car you’re likely to see that’s seen a fraction of the action. There’s the odd dent, some faded paint, a scuff here and there and a seized bonnet hinge but it also looks like a well looked after 20 year old ute with 100,000kms on the clock. With that said, 1.2 million kms on one engine will take a toll and this 2.4 diesel unit needs a birthday as it’s not running quite right. To be fair most of us would be lucky to still run at all after this much action though.

So I’m going to make an emotional plea to someone out there. Rather than see this magnificent marathon ute be broken up for parts, please, somebody, buy it, rebuild the original motor and put it back to work. Sure, some might say this old Hilux has earned its retirement, and it has. But retirement for a car means the scrap heap and surely it deserves better. So go on, buy this well travelled old bugger and drive it with pride. Wear those 1.2 million kms like a badge of honour. And treat it like the champion that it is. And buy the original owner a beer while you’re at it – he’ll be thirsty after all that driving.

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