Cheap Fun for Under $2K

Cheap Fun for Under $2K

In the lead up to Christmas and New Years Eve there’s possibly not a lot left in the tank, financially speaking. There’s a good chance you’re currently cash poor – although by Christmas day you’ll be gift voucher rich and sorted for socks and undies – but if you need a new car to get you back to work to earn some actual money then things might be a bit tricky. You could finance a new purchase with Turners Finance or try your hand at scoring a bargain at the auction.

For the stylish, cash strapped drivers there’s this 2003, NZ new Ford Ka with only 135,000km on the clock. The quirky Ka still looks cool nearly twenty years after the model was first released. It was one of the very few Ford concept show cars to go into production and was a huge success.

These cute Fords aren’t fast due to the 1.3l engine that once powered an Anglia. However, this Ka was from the last year they were sold in NZ and is the only year you could get the better, more refined Duratec engine here – it’s the best one to get. Sure, they don’t like climbing hills but downhill and around corners is huge fun. They are one of the best handling small cars ever, a bit like the original Mini. They also have a quirky interior that doesn’t really look like any other car. It’s not made of the sturdiest plastics and the carpets are about as thick as paper but it was designed to be a cheap city car. You do get two airbags, A/C and electric windows and it’ll run on fumes. What more do you need?

Best of all is the auction estimated of just $1000 – $2000. Not only is that a bargain but you will be getting a seriously fun piece of kit, not just a boring A to B car. The auction is at Turners Wellington on December 17th. 

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