Finally! Self Cleaning Cars

Finally! Self Cleaning Cars

Ever noticed how your $2 coin seems to get less and less high pressure soap at those DIY carwash places? How they take 30 seconds before any soap comes out and then you run out of time just before you finish the last door? And how the high pressure rinse takes 30 seconds to clear all the soap out of its system and then shuts off just before you get all the soup suds off? Well help is on the horizon.

Nissan is trialling a new self cleaning paint on its new Note and it seems to be working. The paint is hydrophobic and oleophobic which basically means it has an irrational fear of water and oil. So water, mud and oily dirt are repelled and just slide right off leaving a nice clean car. Trials are still continuing but Nissan says it has been successful in real world trials so far. They say they don’t intend to make it a standard feature on the Note but may consider making it available as an aftermarket option, which is nice because teasing us with these new technologies and then not letting us have them would, frankly, be a bit annoying. Watch the demo video here.

Now, if they can develop Rupophobic carpet and upholstery we’ll be sorted.

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