Supercar Sofa

Supercar Sofa

In practice, owning a supercar usually means driving it once in a while on sunny days and then parking it in a climate controlled garage where it sits getting dusty. The car costs a fortune and housing it in its own luxury digs is hard on the wallet, too. So a Polish company has come up with this lounge suite made to look like the back end of a Porsche 911, and it only costs $40,000. The thinking is that you’ll use it more often than the real thing and it will cost less to run and insure and it won’t incur speeding fines. So is it a good idea?

If you walked into a house and saw this would you think A) “wow, that’s classy, this person certainly knows their interior design” or B)”wow, that is so tacky, and it cost how much?”.  It will certainly be a conversation piece.

The car couch is not officially endorsed by Porsche (no kidding) so there are no Porsche badges anywhere but they have left spaces for owners to fit them themselves. However, the taillights are Porsche items. The main body parts are made of Aluminium or Fibreglass and there is a built in coolbox to keep the Spumante chilled. I’m not sure if there is a built in stereo permanently playing Simply Red’s greatest hits but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was.

If this is a ‘must have’ item for you then the company will ship to New Zealand. Personally I think it’s a reminder that having loads of money doesn’t guarantee good taste and may in fact amplify poor taste. I wonder whether this Porsche would look best at a Dunedin student couch burning festival.

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