Ailing Alfa

Will it be a bargain? Maybe not. Will it be a money pit? Probably. What this 1974 Alfa GTV 2000 will be is very cool. Soon after Alfa Romeo made this car it dropped the beautiful 105 series coupe in favour of the Alfetta coupe which wasn’t nearly as pretty and nowhere near as desirable today.

The Alfa 105 series coupe was released in 1963 but the GTV 2000 didn’t come along until 1972 and lasted until 1976. It had the big engine and put out a respectable 130hp which was pretty good for 1974. Only 37,000 were made and most of those would have been left hand drive. Then you take into account the legendary Italian rust and the fact that it’s a sports car, so often crashed, then you realise that these cars are in pretty short supply today. A really good one of these will knock you back $30k and up and if you want the super rare GTA version then expect to pay more money than you could possibly imagine – they are that rare.

So what about this car? Well that’s a tricky one. As with all the cars I feature here, you need to inspect them properly or have someone do it for you. I’m only seeing the pictures, the same as you. But if I was to speculate I’d say there will be rust and there’s the small matter of the accident damage to deal with. However, it all looks to be pretty original and it’s definitely worth saving.

The auction for this Italian masterpiece is taking place at Turners Damaged Vehicle auction in Auckland, tomorrow (4th March). 

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