Cool Buy Blog – 24th February, 2014

Facebook Auctions

This is happening right now but it’s also a glimpse into the future of Turner’s online auctions. It’s possible that all cars at Turners Auctions could sell this way eventually and it’s a world first for Facebook, too.

At the moment it’s a pilot featuring two cars, one of which is this $1 reserve Suzuki Swift. At the time of writing the bidding was at $6950 with six days remaining in the auction so the idea seems to be working. The auction process is simple, you just bid using your Facebook account, and the price bid is the price you pay. No extra buyer fees or on road costs. You can still test drive the car and get all the information you would normally get but the bidding takes place on Facebook.

The idea is to make buying a car at auction easier and more accessible and over time more cars will be auctioned by Turners on Facebook as well as general goods items. So it’s another reason to keep checking Facebook throughout the day…as if you needed one.

So here’s your chance to be a world Facebook first. If you buy this little Suzuki you will not only be the owner of a cool wee car but you’ll be the first person to buy a car via a Facebook auction. You’ll be part of history.

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