Sensible Skoda

Sensible Skoda

Back in the seventies the Skoda was a bit of a laughing stock. The Skoda 100 was much maligned at the time. It was working class, Communist and looked down on by the middle class. However, much has changed since.

Volkswagen took full ownership of Skoda in the year 2000 and immediately started tackling Skoda’s image problem in a very clever way. Deciding that ignoring the past was not an option they opted to embrace it and have some fun with a series of adverts making fun of the brand. It really worked.

Today Skoda is a serious car brand that is basically a Volkswagen with a Skoda badge, which brings us to this very tempting 2008 Skoda Octavia TDi Combi. This car was first registered in December 2008 so it’s basically a 2009 car really. You get VW’s 2L Diesel engine and a six speed manual transmission all wrapped in a comfortable, stylish, Euro wagon.  It’s a grown- up, family car with all the safety features grown-up cars have but with added four wheel drive. It also says, in a very serious voice, “I’m doing quite well for myself without being rich and I enjoy a nice glass of wine, as long as it’s under $10 a bottle”. It’s almost the perfect middle class car.

What’s not so middle class about this car is the price. The auction estimate of $5800 – $6800 seems more in line with the Skoda of old. It’s being auctioned at Turners North shore tomorrow (15th April).

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