When the Money is Really Tight

Most of the bargains we feature here still require some access to funds that many just don’t have. So this week our feature car is for those with a really skinny budget but a need for wheels. If you can’t afford this car, well, you can’t really afford a car. Sure there are cheaper options but the chances of them giving you more than a week’s service are pretty slim.

What we have here is a classic eighties boxy saloon, a 1984 Honda Accord LX to be precise, but who really cares about that. What’s important is it has a WOF and long registration. Also, scanning the photos, I don’t see any mould or mushrooms growing out of the carpet or suspicious looking stains on the seats. In fact it looks pretty tidy. And as this car was sold new in NZ and has only travelled 144,000kms I’d guess it hasn’t had more than a couple of quite careful owners.

Now the auction estimate of $400 – $600 doesn’t buy you a lot of car these days so I dare say this one isn’t perfect. But even if you end up driving it to its final resting place in a year’s time without any major repairs on the way then you’ll have got your money’s worth.

So while this car isn’t the prettiest, we’ve all seen far uglier cars for many times the money. And it may not be the safest (no airbags, ABS etc) but it’s got this far without major incident so you’ll probably be OK. But most importantly it’s a cheap car and it goes and that might be all you need.

The auction is at Turners Cars Christchurch this Tuesday (24/09) at 6pm. 

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