Bathurst – The power, the passion… and the wedding

Bathurst – The power, the passion… and the wedding

It’s Bathurst weekend and for many it’s more important than Christmas and for some it’s so important it becomes the church where they get married.

In a scene that could’ve been lifted from an Aussie version of Talladega Nights that’s exactly what V8 Ute racing fan, Shane Clarke, and his co-driver in life, India Anderson-Clift, did this week.

The wedding, complete with Supercheap Autos and Auto One decorations, was held in pit lane with an audience of racing drivers and V8 fans. The bridesmaids were driven to the altar/podium by Warren “Wake up” Millets and Kris “Killa” Waltons in their racing Utes whilst the bride arrived in Craig Dontas’ Thirsty Camel Ute (I’m not making this up). The two were married by former ‘Jesus Racing’ team member “Revhead” Reverend Steve Peach who also happens to be the V8 Supercars in-house Preacher (again, this is all true).

It was a perfect day for Clarke who had his best mate Sean Currie as his best man. Currie has prostate cancer and Clarke said the day was as much for his mate as it was for him and his bride.

Clarke has also had a tough life after being electrocuted by a fridge/freezer causing him to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder which has kept him out of work for a few years now. He did try to work in a fruit and veg shop and although this didn’t work out too well he did meet his future wife there. “She was a checkout chick and I worked stacking the fruit and veg. That was in 2006. I proposed to India 12 months later in a restaurant I had closed for the night just for us, and I am glad she said yes,” explained Clarke.

After throwing the bouquet off the pit lane podium, they received a present (Bride & Groom Erebus Bears currently on sale – just $14.99) from Erebus Owner Betty Klimenko before driving away in their Sieders Racing decked out Golf Buggy. “I’m so happy right now. I’m now married to the woman of my dreams and I’m just ecstatic. She looks absolutely amazing and I’m just over the moon”.

After the wedding the newlyweds jetted off to Paris for their honeymoon – just kidding. Of course they planned to head up the mountain with an Esky full of Toohey and enjoy the weekend’s action.

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