Power, Prestige and Price

Luxury cars don’t come cheap; the soft, heated leather seats may help compensate for the vicious blow your wallet takes when you buy one but the hole in your bank account will always remind you that prestige comes at a price. The only thing more comforting than the soft ride, surround sound and smooth power is a decent discount off the purchase price.


If going into a luxury car dealership and asking for a discount seems vulgar and unseemly to you then we can help. Turners Penrose have a Prestige car auction next Saturday (7thSept) where you will find some pretty posh, late model luxury cars that are likely to sell well below their standard retail prices. You won’t have to ask for a discount, just bid and see what happens.

Of course, well used luxury isn’t really luxury at all. Nobody wants soiled luxury that’s why this line up includes some very late model motors indeed. Take the Range Rover pictured. This is a 2013 diesel V8 model with just 10,000km on the clock – just old enough for the new leather to soften  up a bit. A new one has a RRP of $195,000 but a bid somewhere between $100,000 and $160,000 could own it. Or what about a 2013 Jaguar XJ? RRP $155,000 but could sell for between $65,000 and $95,000. No one will ever know you got it cheap, they’ll assume you bought it new because you could.

There are also 2013 Land Rovers as well as various late model BMWs, Mercs and even a classic Aston Martin.

So yes, Luxury doesn’t come cheap, but it can come quite a bit cheaper than you think.

The auction is on Saturday 7th September at Turners Cars Penrose. 

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