Interesting Buy – 8th April, 2013

1984 Mazda RX7

In the early days of Japanese imports to NZ there were loads of these brought in. Walk onto any car dealer’s yard at the time and you couldn’t move for RX7s. They were so common and cheap that people bought them as toys, thrashed them to death and then scrapped them.These first generation RX7s are a collectable classic now. Ironically, this particular car was sold new in NZ rather than being an import, which the majority were. It’s had after market wheels added as well as a hideous steering wheel but otherwise looks reasonably unmolested. The interior looks like it could do with a tidy but its retro brownness is still present in all its glory.

If you’re looking for something dripping in 80s kitsch then this could well be a bargain. The car is located in our Tauranga car dealership but is being auction at the Turners Cars Hamilton this Wednesday morning. 

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