Some Friday Fun

Some Friday Fun

Some fun for the last Friday before Christmas.

We’ve got a “cool” Segway, a beautiful ad for a not so beautiful car and every man child’s dream – a lego car.

A “cool” Segway

Let’s be honest it’s difficult to look cool on a Segway. Geeky, yes, cool, no. So a Canadian company is chopping up vintage Vespa scooters and using the panels to cover up the embarrassing Segway and calling it the Zero Scooter. It comes in whatever colour you want and costs around $5000. Or you could just buy a complete Vespa, with a seat, and a proper engine, and dignity… I’m sorry, but just putting “Zero” in the name doesn’t make it cool.

Slick Ad for a Slack car

To get an idea of how hard it is for filmmakers to make decent money these days you just have to watch this beautifully shot YouTube clip that Luke Aker created to help sell his clapped out 1996 Nissan Maxima. It has the sophisticated narrator, the classical soundtrack (a favourite of car ads over the years) and the teasing, sexy shots of the car’s finer points. The sales pitch is impressive, too. “It will get you from point A to point B…most of the time”. Not surprisingly a sale is pending on the car. Watch it here.

And finally, a Lego car

Most kids love Lego but these guys love it more. They love it so much they built this life size car that uses 500,000 pieces of Lego (this stuff ain’t cheap) and has an engine built of Lego that runs on air. It will do 18mph but is prone to having chunks stolen by kids looking to expand their own Lego sets. Watch the video here.

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