Bargain Buy of the Week – 14th January 2013

2009 Ford Focus

 Why a Ford Focus you say? The Focus is a popular car in NZ  but nowhere near as popular as the Toyota. So surely they are not as good as a Corolla? Wrong!

 The Ford Focus surpassed the Corolla to become the world’s biggest selling car in 2012and you don’t do that without being a good car. In fact the Focus is a very good car and it could be argued that it is, in many ways, better than the Corolla. It’s a great drivers’ car and is one of the more stylish cars in its category.

 But what makes it a bargain? Well let’s take this 2009, 1.6l example. It’s done just under 100,000kms, is automatic, one owner and in a desirable colour. The auction estimate is $9900 – $10900 which is roughly around $3000 less than an equivalent Corolla GX. That’s quite a difference. And if you think that you’ll be punished on the resale value then you needn’t worry – 2003 model Focus’ are still fetching upwards of $6k with kilometres around the 130,000 mark. The Focus is destined to be a popular car for a very long time. The auction for this car takes place on Wednesday at the Tauranga branch.

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