The British Mustang

It may seem obvious now but the Ford Capri was indeed designed to be the European Mustang and was designed by Mustang designer Phillip T Clark. It’s a fact that only surfaced in recent years and, like the famous American Pony car, it was a big success. This Mk2 model has a later 2.8 injected Cologne V6 with 5 speed manual gearbox. So if you fancy the car favoured by seventies cop shows, then check this one out at Turners Christchurch. Read on...

The Capri – originally named the Colt until it was discovered that Mitsubishi already used that name - was released to the buying public in 1969 and was a hit right off the bat. It was based on the mark 2 Cortina and came with a variety of engines to suit all budgets. You could always get a Capri with a 1.3l engine which would be barely powerful enough to turnover a Mustang V8. But bigger engines were available and by the end of the Capri’s life span you could get a 2.8 Tickford Turbo and a 3.0RS. Ford sold 1.9 million Capris in the 17 years it was produced before it was replaced by the dud that was the Ford Probe – hero to zero, I guess. 

This car is a second generation Capri from 1976 and is fitted with a 2.8 injected V6 that wasn’t available in the Mk2 but was in the Mk3. This power unit was pretty tasty in its day putting out nearly 160hp and gave the Capri a decent turn of pace, making any Capri with this engine highly desirable. 

Be like Bodie and Doyle and head to the auction at Turners Christchurch. More details here.

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