A Mustang on a Budget

The fourth generation Ford Mustang is perhaps not the prettiest or sought after of the famous pony car’s iterations. And this one is plunged further down the pecking order by being the base model with a V6 and auto box. But all of this is reflected in the price, and Mustang prices are seldom as attractive as the auction estimate of this one at Turners Hamilton. Read on...

To be fair on the fourth generation Mustang, it was better looking than the third generation and probably most of the second generation as well. But these were not high bars in truth. By the fifth generation, when Ford went to the retro well and used the first generation as its inspiration, the Mustang had got its mojo back. However, even though the fourth generation is from the tail end of the Mustang’s wilderness years, it was starting to show a little flair and by this face-lifted version, using Ford’s New Edge universal styling theme, it was starting to look quite sharp.

The New Edge version of this Mustang also improved on performance from the base model 3.8 V6. What started out generating an underwhelming 145bhp when the 4th gen was launched in 1994 had grown to a more reasonable 190bhp by 1999. The beige interior won’t win any design awards but luckily the tinted glass obscures it somewhat.

This car started life in Japan and was imported to NZ in 2003. So the steering wheel is where it should be, a huge plus in my book. It is reading 71640 miles.

Okay, so it’s not a classic 60s or a post 2005 Mustang, and the engine is a not a V8 and the transmission is auto. But it’s still quite a handsome beast and the auction estimate is just $5000 - $7000. It could be the most affordable way into Mustang ownership. The auction is at Turners Hamilton on 9th July. More info here.

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