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The fourth generation Toyota Hiace was such a popular van in NZ during its 15 year production. Most came with little to no comfort options, drove okay, and were likely to be lethal in a crash. But it was bomb proof (if not always rust proof), dependable, and didn’t depreciate like most cars. But when was the last time you saw one with under 100,000kms on the odo? Well Turners Tauranga has one and it’s for sale now. Read on...

Not many other vehicles held their value like an old Hiace – you could buy one with 200,000kms on it, drive it to hell and back (around 100,000kms) and sell it for what you paid for it. And you didn’t even need to wash it! These days there’s a few more worthy competitors in the market, but the 4th gen Hiace will always hold its lofty place in the NZ van hall of fame, should such a thing exist.

This particular 1996 example has two major attributes: it’s an eleven seat minibus. And it has travelled a miniscule (by Hiace standards) 99,900kms by 3 owners. Is it mint? Of course not. No Hiace has a cosseted life, housed in a climate controlled garage. And while they may be mechanically robust, the body, paint and upholstery was made to a price. The uncomfortable vinyl upholstered seats have some wear, the original Alpine stereo doesn’t work and the paint work is showing its 28 years. But by Hiace standards it’s almost show quality.

If you fancy climbing back into the comfy old swandri that is a ZL 2.4 petrol Hiace, then get onto this now. More details here.

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