A BMW Worthy of Resurrection

It’s one of the most popular modern classics and certain versions are very highly prized. The BMW E30 comes in a myriad of specifications, starting with the 316i sedan all the way to the M3. They are all popular but the difference between the bottom to the top is significant, and is the reason why this car will likely be saved. This NZ new M325i has had a whoopsy to its front end and has been written off and deregistered. Will it be saved? I think so. And I imagine the auction will be a competitive affair. Read on...

At the top of the E30 tree is the mighty M3 with prices pushing past $100k. As a result of these prices some models under the M3 have become highly sought. The 2 door M325i is one that has seen a huge jump in values. And that’s what we have here. It was sold new in NZ in 1991 and has had just two private owners. Mileage is quite high at 252700kms, but not really an issue with these cars. It is fitted with the M-Tech 2 body kit, M-sport suspension and AC. By today’s standards the 325i is not that fast, but in its day it was, and they really were a long way ahead of the competition. Today they still carry themselves well and have a timeless quality that has cemented their status as a bona fide classic.

However, this car has had a frontal accident and has been written off by the insurance company and deregistered. It doesn’t look too bad in the photos and parts are fairly easy to procure, so I’d say this one will be brought back to NZ roads. Prices for these in good shape start at $40k and go up from there. This could be an affordable way into ownership of one of these iconic cars.

The auction is being held online by Turners damaged vehicles in Auckland on the 4th January. More details here.

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