A Real World Driver's Car

When the Toyota 86 was released in New Zealand in 2012 it caused quite a stir. There were limited numbers and all were spoken for before they had even arrived. It wasn’t particularly rapid but it was a focused driver's car and it was seen as a future classic before it had even left the showroom. Read on...

The Toyota 86 was a much hyped sports car from a manufacturer that had become more comfortable building reliable, functional vehicles in recent times. The 86 was a collaboration with Subaru (also sold by Subaru as the BRZ) and features a flat four boxer engine designed by Subaru and fitted with Toyota’s fuel injection system. It came with 6 speed manual or auto boxes and achieved a near 50-50 weight distribution. The engine is normally aspirated so no forced induction which keeps power to a modest 147kw and the 0-100 time is a respectable 7.6s or 8.2s with the auto box.

But putting all the technical stuff aside the 86 is all about the driving experience. The lightweight rear wheel drive platform combined with a revvy engine and driver focused suspension and steering combines to deliver a pure sports car driving experience that’s not matched by many in this price range.

This GT spec 86 has the more desirable manual 6 speed gearbox and a pretty fruity colour coded interior. Prices have stayed firm on these and it’s destined to become a classic of the future. But right now, it’s huge fun for $27,400. More details here.

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