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The Mercedes SL is the benchmark for luxury 2 seat roadsters. Rich people love them and they are a true motoring icon. Back in 2004, when this car was new, you needed to shell out a cool $200k+, and the 350 was the cheapest in the range. Today this well preserved NZ new example can be bought for less than a new Suzuki Swift. Read on...

The SL class Mercs have always been a favourite of wealthy socialites and movie stars since they first appeared in 1954 with the gorgeous (and insanely valuable) SL300 Gullwing. They are well designed, well built, over-engineered and really quite beautiful. This R230 generation is no exception loaded as it is with most of the kit that Mercedes could offer at the time. In 2004 this was about as advanced a car as you could buy without shelling out half a million dollars for the 6.2L V8 version.

For a car that was seen as a contemporary of the Porsche 911 convertible they sure are good value today. This 2004 example was sold new in NZ, has had just two owners and covered a mere 88,600kms. It has a 3.7L V6 that puts out over 240hp of grunt through a 5 speed auto transmission.  Compared to a Porsche 911 roadster of the same age (the 996 - possibly the least popular 911 of all) with a similar sized engine and you’ll find the Merc a bit of a bargain. You’ll need $60k for a half decent Porka but you’ll need a whole lot less for this Merc.

This fantastic example with a clean mechanical report has an auction guide of just $18,000-$19,000. And let’s be honest, unless they’re a car aficionado most people will assume it’s a new one when you drive into your golf club’s car park.

This car is being auctioned this Thursday at Turners Christchurch. Will you be the one to leave in style after the auction? More details here



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