Prelude to a Dream

Once upon a time the Honda Prelude was one of the more popular Japanese imports in NZ and they were everywhere. But like most cars, fatigue, fashion and rust has killed most of them and now you rarely see them. Could this amazing 1983 example be one of the best left? It’s for sale at Turners classic auction this Saturday. Read on...

I’m sure there are those that will take one look at this Honda Prelude and declare loudly to anyone that’ll listen that it’s not a classic. This is rubbish. The term ‘classic’ is very broad and if you think an HQ Holden Kingswood is a classic then the Prelude falls into the same category. Let me explain. The reason the Kingswood is considered a classic is its strong nostalgic value. People of a certain age can remember their parents owning one or learning drive in Granddad’s minter or went on their first date with their future wife/husband in one. It’s not because they are an engineering marvel or a powerful sports-car designed by an Italian coach-builder, it’s because they were once popular, plentiful and affordable. 

The Honda Prelude has the sporty, wedgy look that was so popular in the early 80s along with Honda’s reliability and efficiency and they sold well here as used imports. In other words they were popular, plentiful and affordable and people of a certain age will have fond memories of owning one. And some of those people are at a time in life when they might want to relive a part of their youth. Right now Prelude prices aren’t crazy but that might change, especially with so few surviving.

That brings us to this 1983 example. It’s a true survivor that only shows 23,600kms and is about as original as you are likely to find, right down to the factory cassette deck. It’s the early 1.8l twin carb engine with a 5 speed manual gearbox. And it looks to be in outstanding condition. It could be the best in NZ.

It’s hard to put a price on a car like this as they have so far flown under collectors’ radars. But the auction guide of $7500-$8500 seems reasonable in a market that has started to favour classic Japanese cars.

If you owned a second series Prelude in your youth and you dream of reliving your youth then this could be a dream come true. More details here.  

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