Evo-lution not Revolution

Mitsubishi’s theory of evolution was simple; take a standard model Lancer and turn it into a blisteringly fast weapon and keep updating it. While the concept may have fully evolved and is no longer built, Turners Penrose has a very nice example of the final version so you don’t have to miss out. Read on...

The first Lancer Evo was released in 1992 and ten evolutions and loads of motorsport success later the Evo X was the final version (or maybe not?). 

Like all Evo Lancers before it, the Evo X has a 2l turbo charged engine and all-wheel-drive. It has bags of horsepower, blistering acceleration, stacks of electronic assistance and gizmos and a ‘don’t mess with me’ look. But the X is also pretty safe and civilised, too. It has a bunch of air bags, child restraints and a 5 star ANCAP safety rating, so it can double as a track car at the weekends and a family car the rest of the time. This particular car has travelled 132,500km and has the dual clutch sequential transmission with steering wheel mounted paddle shift along with all the options you’d expect in a flagship sports sedan.

The evolution is over for the great performance Mitsubishi Lancer, although Mitsubishi refuse to rule out a return. The future could bring a revolution with more electric cars and the possibility of something fast and sporty in SUV form. So this car will almost certainly be seen as the end of an era and good ones will become very collectible indeed. Just give it 20 years or so. 

You can buy this car at Turners Penrose right now. More details here.

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