Entry into Collectible Ford Ownership

It’s tempting to think that anything wearing a Ford badge will one day become a classic such is the blue oval’s fervent following. There are obvious exclusions – we’re looking at you early 90s Capri convertible and Festiva – but old Fords just seem to have a way of going from junk to ‘must-haves’ at around the 40 year mark. This XE Falcon with S-pack options is no exception and it could be yours. Read on...

The XE Falcon is perhaps remembered more for being the last to have a V8 variant (for around a decade at least) than for being the Falcon that snatched the number 1 sales spot back from the Commodore. But the XE was also a significant improvement on its predecessors and the S- Pack gave it a much needed sporty look, even if it didn’t improve performance.

The S-pack was a light upgrade to the basic 6 cylinder GL model that saw the addition of stripes and “S” decals, a front spoiler, stripey seats, digital clock and a tachometer which showed you just how rev-shy the 4.1L straight 6 was. Otherwise, it was exactly the same as the beige one your Granddad owned for many years.

By the time this 1983 Falcon was registered the V8 was already gone. This car, however, got the top of the range 4.1L electronic fuel injected (a Falcon first) straight six with a 4 speed manual box (there was a 5 speed but only available with the smaller 3.3 engine). It has the S-Pack options as well as an additional rear wing and period alloys. It still has the stripey upholstery in the back but the front seats appear to have been changed out. It’s showing a mere 167,000kms and it looks pretty fantastic in, what I’m assuming is, a new coat of bronze paint.

A few years ago you could pick up an old Falcon for a few hundred and a crate of Double Brown but like nearly all Falcons before it, and probably those after, the tide turned and before you know it a tidal surge takes place and you’re shut out of the market. This car won’t be cheap but it’ll seem cheap in 5 years. Get in before the surge, enjoy driving it and watch the value rise.

 More details of the sale are here.

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