Spring Check-Up

Winter seems to be behind us now so as we’re heading into the warmer months it might be a good time to give you and your car a post winter medical.

Your Car: Check your tyre pressures. It’s so often overlooked but is so important and so easy to check. Your car’s handling, ride quality and braking are badly affected by incorrect tyre pressure, not to mention the damage to your tyres.

You: Get you blood pressure checked. A long stressful winter at work along with comfort food of dubious health benefits may be taking its toll. Nothing will ruin a holiday faster than a dodgy ticker.

Your Car: check the air and fuel filters and replace if they are dirty. Your car will run sweeter with cleaner filters and that means a fuel saving, too. This is an easy job to do yourself.

You: Quit smoking and maybe watch the alcohol intake over the warmer months to give your liver a chance to do its job properly.

Your Car: Have a bit of a spring clean of your car and get rid of rubbish and extra weight. All that clutter costs money in extra fuel to move it. And your car will feel fresher, roomier and nicer. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with your car again when all the stale pie crusts, lost fries and Red Bull cans have been extracted.

You:  Any extra pounds gained over the winter from your intake of extra pies and fries could be shed in spring.  You’ll feel better for it and you’ll put it back on at Christmas anyway.

Your Car: Check the exhaust system for leaks. When you’re travelling around during the holidays with family onboard you don’t want to poison them with deadly carbon monoxide from an exhaust leak.

You: If you have an exhaust leak or noxious emissions that are threatening those around you, see a doctor and check your diet.

Your Car: Check the cooling system. As the days get warmer, and your car’s engine runs hotter, any weaknesses in the system will be found out and probably on your way to a holiday destination in the middle of nowhere. So it’s best to check for leaks, cracked or hard hoses and any telltale coolant stains. When a hose blows it can be quite spectacular and cause quite a bit damage. Generally hoses are cheap and easy to replace unless you are in the middle of nowhere that is. Do it now.

You: check your summer wardrobe and give those musty shorts and t-shirts an airing before busting them out at a mate’s BBQ. And are those sandals still in fashion? Were they ever in fashion. This is important stuff.

You can do these checks on your car yourself or spend a little bit extra and have your mechanic do it. Nobody likes spending money on this stuff but your car will repay you with better reliability and improved fuel consumption.

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