The Future is Now

When you mention the words Hybrid or Electric you often get shunned by car purists. Or you are told how they’d never be seen dead in one. But seriously, have you seen the price of fuel lately? And for your daily commute what more do you really need? Turners have a large selection of Hybrids and full Electrics available right now. Read on...

The Toyota Prius or Nissan Note may not deliver the epic driving experience that passionate drivers’ dream of and as such they can be frowned upon. But the Nissan Note E-Power, for example, is dynamically as good as any new petrol-powered standard hatchback but it will outsprint many bigger, more powerful petrol cars away from the traffic lights. It costs pennies to run and service and prices are coming down, too.

There’s nothing like a galloping rise in fuel prices to get us over ourselves. It is maybe a reminder that the car is more often just a tool to get us to a destination and really needs to do it cheaply and efficiently. And for the daily commute surely a hybrid or electric vehicle is what we need only cleaner and much better on fuel. When stuck in slow moving traffic on a Monday morning do you really need dynamic handling and a thrilling ride? There is still a place for the weekend fun car or classic of course.

A hybrid is going to slash your weekly fuel bill and an electric car will obliterate it. It’s the way of the future and the future is now. Turners have plenty to choose from in Hybrid and fully electric and compared to just a year ago prices are trending down.

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