Brains above Beauty

If you live anywhere where parking is tight, traffic is usually slow and petrol is expensive then the Mitsubishi i-Car shouldn’t be overlooked. Most, however, will overlook it because it’s small (we do love big cars) and it looks a little nerdy or something your grandma would drive. But if you let your brain overrule your heart this 2008 example makes good sense at $3990. Read on...

For all our love of big cars that can take us into the bush, onto the beach, fishing, hunting, and skiing, most of us just use them to clog up our already clogged up roads. The i-Car makes a lot of sense and you know it. Forget about what others will think, be brave. This little bubble car could save you a bunch of money.

First of all, it has 5 doors so it can actually take passengers with some degree of comfort. Then there’s the frugal three cylinders, twin-cam, turbocharged, mid-mounted (oh so very supercar-Esque) engine that pumps out a hefty 60 odd horses. That might not sound a lot but in a lightweight body and on city roads it more than keeps up.

And it’s little, too, making it easier to park and zip in and out of traffic. Visibility is good through the big windows and it can turn 180 degrees in roughly the same space it takes to swing a cat. And did I mention that it runs on a sniff of the oily stuff? Then there’s the price: just $3990 for a 2008, NZ new car with a clean mechanical report, warranted, registered and ready to drive away.

So I’ve made the case for the i-Car so are you, man or woman, enough to see past the image issues and embrace the obvious advantages? At this price, someone will so don’t delay. This car is available right now at Turners Napier. More details here

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