The Handsome Ferrari

When you think of Ferrari you think two seats, mid-mounted engine, low to the ground and pretty. But in the late 70s Ferrari decided to dabble in the grand tourer market and the result was 4 seats, a front mounted V12 and looks that are more handsome than pretty. This rare car is being auctioned on October 13th.

The Ferrari 400i is a curious car and possibly the most affordable classic Ferrari there is. It doesn’t fit the typical Ferrari mould of a low slung sports car with a screaming V8 engine but there is a good case to be made for 400i.

Where the likes of other Ferraris from this era, such as the Testarossa and 308, are sought after today and prices are already very high, the 400i is more of a sleeper. But perhaps more importantly it’s one of the few cars to wear the prancing horse badge that doesn’t make its owner (in the eyes of many other road users) look like a rich person having a mid-life crisis. The 400i is more reserved, conservative even, for a Ferrari, and its looks are an acquired taste. But don’t be fooled; the 400i may not command the prices of other Ferrari models but its day will come. Remember the Dino of the 70s? It was Ferrari’s first high volume production model and didn’t even wear a Ferrari badge. Many saw it as just a Fiat with Ferrari clothes and for a long time you could pick one up for a song. Today the Dino is highly prized and you’ll need $250,000...just for a deposit. Will the 400i go the same way?

This car is part of the McVicar collection being auctioned on the 13th October. It’s right hand drive, in great condition and ready to hit the road. More details here.

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