Derelict Drop Top

Derelict Drop Top

Barn finds are so exciting – all that potential, all that dust, all those spider webs. But underneath it all is a well preserved gem just waiting to be liberated with a wash and fresh gas. Well that would be nice but usually old cars found in barns are like this 1970 MGB Roadster what you can see looks rough and what you can’t see is probably even worse. But you can buy it next week.

The majority of cars that turn up at Turners Damaged auctions are insurance write-offs but every now and then someone clears out their shed and brings in the contents. This MG is a mess but at very least there will be some good parts, but you’d be a brave and skilful restorer with money to burn to try and get it back on the road. I have spoken to the consultant dealing with the sale and he confirms that it’s even worse than the photos suggest but there is an engine and gearbox and most of the other parts.

The MG MGB first appeared in 1962 and was fitted with a 95hp 1798cc four cylinder engine. It’s not a particularly fast sports car but they are fun to drive. The biggest issue with an old MG will be rust, which I’m guessing was the downfall of this car. But to be fair on the MG every car rusted in the 70s, that’s why there are so few 70s cars on the roads today.

A nice chrome bumper MGB Roadster is worth a fair bit today and prices have been steadily on the increase in recent years. That said, they stack up pretty well next to Alfas and Fiats of the same era so they are still a bit of a classic bargain. This car, however, is not nice; it’s horrible. Even the spiders and rats have walked away. But if you’re a sucker for punishment or love a challenge or maybe just need parts then step right up.

The car is being auctioned at Turners Damaged Vehicles in Auckland on Tuesday (23/06). Bring a trailer and your brave pills. 

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