No friends or lots of friends?

No friends or lots of friends?

Welcome back! It’s 2015 and as you probably made a new year’s resolution to not be boring and always do the unexpected we thought we’d start the year by drawing attention to two cars you probably didn’t even know existed let alone considered buying. One is for the crazy lone wolf and the other for the big family and they’re both at Turners.

First we have a hard worked 1996 Daihatsu Midget. If you’ve ever felt guilty about not picking up hitch-hikers or hate the idea of having to spend your car journeys in the company of another person then this could be perfect for you. It only has one seat so any passenger will be confined to the rear tray. The engine is small at only 659cc but with only one person onboard and being so small it could, with the help of some clever tuning and modification, be an exciting ride indeed. It’s hardly a babe magnet but there’s no room anyway. The auction for this quirky insect on wheels is on Thursday at Turners Napier.

But if you love passengers and can’t bear to be alone when you go out for a drive then this Suzhou Eagle, 14 seat shuttle bus could be what you’ve dreamed of. It is battery powered so will be cheap to run and with its roll up curtain sides it would make a great summer party bus. Sure, you might lose a few drunken revellers over the side but with 14 onboard and an electric motor it won’t be travelling too fast.

Ideally this is going to make a great shuttle bus for a business but don’t rule it out as a family wagon if you’ve been busy reproducing. You’ll be talked about as the strange, huge family with the open electric bus, but any family with 12 kids is going to be considered a bit strange so you may as well embrace it. This unique contraption is being auctioned online by Turners Penrose and closes on Sunday.

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