Turning the Boring into Exciting, Bizarre and Desirable

You may have wondered why Top Gear seldom reviews boring A to B cars. Well it’s because they are not sexy. They don’t look cool, are not exciting to drive and don’t emit the soundtrack to the Battle of Britain out of the exhaust pipes. But as this guy demonstrates, there is a way to review a 2000 Corolla without putting your viewers to sleep. Watch it here.


If you are sick of boring car adverts then here are a couple of homemade ones that are strange and entertaining. And when say homemade I mean beautifully filmed and expertly executed.

This Swedish homemade Volvo ad entitled “Buy my Volvo” uses some florid language to highlight the masterpiece that is this 1993 Volvo 245GL. Prospective buyers are drawn to its unique features such as ‘an inside and an outside’, ‘a curly exhaust’ , ‘spinsy winsies on both sides’ and my favourite ‘a fancy turning crank with built in safety bladder’. It also comes with a haunted back seat. Watch it here.

And finally, if you combine slick filming, an authoritative voice over and a bunch of advertising clichés then you can even make a worn out old Nissan Maxima look good. The car actually ended up being bought by Nissan USA for $1400 after the video went viral. Watch it here.

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