Bargain Buy 5th August, 2013

Bavarian Bargain

Once upon a time if you had a well paid job you could buy a villa in Ponsonby and have enough money left over to buy a car to park out front. Something prestigious as Audi. Now you need two well paid jobs and have no kids or social life just to afford to rent there. And the only Audi you can afford is a 1989 Audi 80 with 250,000kms on the clock and a dodgy gearbox. But wait…

This 2005 Audi A4 with 72,000kms on the dial is new enough to blend into any top suburb but has an auction estimate that wouldn’t normally buy you a Suzuki Swift. The estimate is $6,500 – $7,500 which is about $10k less than similar Audi’s on Trade Me. A saving like that would be very handy towards a week’s rent, or a deposit for that matter.

The car is being auctioned at Turners Cars Palmerston North on Tuesday 6th August. 

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