How to change four tyres in 2.05 seconds

 Most of us are lucky if we can say our name in 2.05 seconds but the Red Bull Formula One team took just that long to change all four tyres on Mark Webber’s car during a pit stop at the Malaysian Grand Prix. It has been officially recognised as the fastest pit stop in history beating the previous record of 2.13 seconds set 12 laps earlier in the same race by, you guessed it, Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull team. Performance enhancing drugs anyone? Watch the video here. Even the YouTube video is only 5 seconds long – possibly a record in its own right.

But despite the record pit stop Webber still didn’t win the race, being over taken by team mate Vettel despite team orders telling him not to. Mark’s dad Alan was furious and made his feelings about Sebastian clear in a statement. Mark was heard to be saying to his dad: “shut up dad, you’re embarrassing me”.

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