WOF survey results – What gives?

A couple of months back we asked you whether you thought the frequency of warrant of fitness checks for vehicles over six years old should be changed or kept at the current six monthly interval and your response was fairly conclusive.

Nearly 70% of you opted for an annual check while 16% of you thought a two yearly inspection was sufficient. Only 12% of you were happy with the status quo and 3% reckon never having a WOF check was the best way to go.

So imagine our surprise when we saw this article in the New Zealand Herald. According to an MTA survey of 1000 drivers, the New Zealand public don’t appear to be so keen to change the current WOF check frequency. So why the big difference? Sure, the number of vehicle drivers taking part in our poll was half that of the MTA survey but we would have thought the results would still be similar. Or was it the way the questions were framed? We simply asked whether you wanted a change or not and what you thought would be a fair frequency for checks. The MTA’s survey has far more detail but the MTA and its members do have a vested interest in keeping WOF checks on a six monthly cycle.

So what do you think?  We’ll ask the question again and we’ll assume you’re smart enough to consider the concerns around safety whilst making your view known.

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