Christchurch Classic auction results

 Christchurch Classic auction results

As covered in the most recent edition of The Good Oil, Turners Christchurch had a swag of retro runners and exotic Euros in Saturday’s classic auction. And it was certainly the lower valued cars that got the bidders excited.

Two Morris Minors attracted spirited bidding with the very tidy 1959 saloon selling for $5700 and the 1962 model making a healthy $4500. A very nice, and not that old, 1996 Commodore set some bidders in a bit of a frenzy finally going out the door for $8050 while the 1986 Porsche Carrera soft-top barely raised a permed eyebrow selling for just $12400.

The Volkswagen Thing will be scaring small children in its new owner’s neighbourhood after it sold for $7400 and the little 1949 Fordson truck made a respectable $3800.

The biggest disappointment was the museum quality Ferrari 328 not finding a new owner.  I guess that’s a sign of a tough economy when mid 90s Commodores get the bidders going but a much admired Ferrari remains a dream car for those in attendance. I know it’s out of my reach, but it was when the economy was buoyant, too.

The highlights

1959 Morris Minor


1986 Porsche 911


1996 Holden Commodore


1962 Morris Minor


1985 Jaguar Sovereign


1924 Dodge Four


1973 Volkswagon 181


1966 Raleigh Phillips Traveller


1949 Fordson E83WCF


1985 Jaguar XJ6


1992 Citroen BX19


1986 Mercedes-Benz 500SE


1965 Austin Healey



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