Driving the Rodin FZED at Donington - Live! - 11 August

Driving the Rodin FZED at Donington - Live!

Liam will be driving the Rodin Cars FZED at Donington tonight - an exhibition run at the Michelin Street Meet organised by the Supercar Drivers Club - see Supercar-driver.com

The live stream begins at 8pm NZ time with track action with supercars, hypercard and motorsport demos plus interviews and car reveals on the stage!

Liam should be within the first few hours of coverage because he then heads to Whilton Mill for the charity karting event.

The YouTube live link here from 8pm: 


Motormouth Charity Kart Race for the Brain Tumour Charity - Live stream

The morning in the Rodin FZED, the afternoon at a Charity Kart Race at Whilton Mill, about 45 minutes from Donington. 

Here's the format for the day - there are 5 drivers per team.

-              For those bringing showcars we’d suggest arriving by 11:30 so there’s time to position your car etc, you’ll join James Hunt’s former Formula One car so you’re in decent company! 

-              For everyone else please arrive no later than 12:30 so we have plenty of time to get you ready

-              13:00 Registration, welcome & restaurant opens for drinks and snacks. You’ll be given tokens so you get your free grub

-              13:30 Briefing from the guys at Whilton Mill to make sure everyone knows the rules and regs

-              14:00 – 14:45 – Practice and qualifying, before that, you’ll join your allocated team to be part of a team of 5, it’s then down to you and your team to think about your strategy for the race: Who takes the first stint? How are you going to manage your driver changes? Who gets to sit back and tuck into the BBQ first? 

-              15:00 – IT’S RACE TIME! 2.5 hr endurance race begins. 

-              During the race the BBQ will be available with our DJ spinning some tasty chillout tunes on the balcony

-              17:30 – Time to dish out the trophies for the podium places! Who will win the MotorMouth Celebrity Charity Karting Cup? 

-              18:00 All done!

Website: https://www.motormouthkartrace.com/ 

The live stream will be via the website, their Facebook page and most likely YouTube.

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