Turners Live for Damaged Vehicle Auctions

Turners Live is the system we use to allow bidding from any internet capable device on our auctions. All our vehicle auctions are run through Turners Live you can bid online from anywhere on any vehicle.

Turners Live is for all the Online Damaged & End of Life vehicle auctions - which are now all run online.  Online only Turners Live means the auction is completely automated with no auctioneer, and all bidders must be online. This is becoming the standard for Turners' Damaged & End of Life auctions. Learn more about this change here

Find out more about Turners Live here

Tools for Turners Live

We have a number of tools that make using Turners Live easy:

  • Watchlist - adding vehicles to your watchlist allows you to receive email notifications before an auction starts. Learn more here
  • Turners Live audio notifications - adding a vehicle to your watchlist means you can also get an audio alert in an auction when that lot opens
  • Turners Live Text Alerts - these are also sent out for vehicles on your watchlist. Learn more here
  • Autobids - Turners will live will bid for you up to a maximum set by you. With autobids you don’t need to watch every auction. Learn more here