Turners Damaged & EOL Auctions are 100% online

Turners Damaged & End of Life Vehicles auctions are now online only. These auctions will be run through our Turners Live platform, but will not have an auctioneer running them, and won't have in person bids or phone bids.

You can learn more about Turners Live here

What does this mean for you?

Almost everyone is bidding online already, and from that perspective nothing changes:

  • All auctions are run completely online, with no auctioneer. All lots will open & close automatically, and if the reserve is met, the vehicle will sell
  • All auctions will probably run faster, so if you normally join halfway you might want to join at the start for the first few
  • If you usually do phone bids these will cease as these auctions become automated
  • To make it easier for you we have added 2 new tools for Turners Live users:

    • Text message alerts to make sure you don't miss out on the vehicles you wish to bid on. Learn more here
    • Autobids for Turners Live - enter your maximum amount and Turners Live will take care of the rest. Learn more here


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