Autobids for Turners Live

You can now place Autobids for Turners Live.

Autobids in Turners Live work by automatically placing bids during the auction up to your specified maximum amount.

Other people can still place floor bids and online bids during the auction, but the Autobid will place another bid for you up to your maximum amount.

This means the leading Autobid is guaranteed to win the auction if the bidding does not go over the highest Autobid amount.

See below for some common questions about Autobids.

Autobids Basics

What do Autobids look like?

Autobids are labelled as such in Turners Live:



If you are watching the auction then you will see which Autobids are yours - they are marked in blue:


How do I place an Autobid?

You can place an Autobid up to 5 days before any Turners Live auction starts, and you can place an Autobid at any time up until the lot opens in that auction – so you can place Autobids on upcoming lots even once the auction has started.

You must enter Autobids in a multiple of $50.

When you place an Autobid, the vehicle is automatically added to your Watchlist, and all your current Autobids can be seen on your Watchlist.

Just look for the Autobid row and Place Bid button on each vehicle booked into an Auction:


How do I edit or remove an Autobid?

You can edit and remove Autobids from the vehicle details page.

Click on the Update Bid button to either enter a new amount or remove your bid entirely.


How do I find vehicles with Autobids?

You can see all the vehicles on your Watchlist that have Turners Live Autobids using the Live Auction Autobids filter.

The Remove from Watchlist button is replaced by your Autobid amount – to remove these items from your Watchlist you will need to remove the Autobid first.


How Autobids Work

How do Autobids work?

Turners Live only evaluates all the Autobids when it opens each lot.

Turners Live determines the highest Autobid, and uses the second highest Autobid to work out where the bidding should start. Autobids placed during the rest of the auction are only ever for the highest Autobid for that lot.

As floor bids and normal online bids are made, Turners Live will place bids for the Autobid as if it was another bidder, up until the maximum amount of the Autobid is reached.

In the example below the Autobid opens the bidding at $8,700. Then a floor bid comes in at $8,800, and the Autobid bids $8,900. Then a floor bid comes in at $9,000, and the Autobid bids $9,100.

The Autobid would continue to bid up until its maximum amount is reached.


What happens with a single Autobid?

If there is a single Autobid on a lot that is higher than the starting price entered by the auctioneer then as soon as the lot opens a bid will be placed at the starting price.

In this example there is an Autobid higher than the starting price of $400, so the Autobid is placed as soon as the lot opens:


What happens with multiple Autobids?

When there are multiple Autobids on a lot, Turners Live finds the 2 highest Autobids and starts the bidding using those.

The second highest bid is placed at it's maximum amount. The highest Autobid is placed one bid interval higher.

In this example the lot opend at $400, and the second highest Autobid was $600. This was placed at it's maximum amount and the highest bid was placed one interval higher (the bidding interval is set by the auctioneer and can range from $50 to $1000).


What happens with 2 equal Autobids?

When there is more than one Autobid at the same amount then the Autobid entered first is deemed the winner.

Both the Autobid will be displayed, at their maximum amounts:


What if someone's bid equals an Autobid?

If a bid is made either online or from the auction floor that equals the highest AUtobid, then the Autobid will be deemed to have happened first. Both bids will register in Turners Live, but the Autobid will be leading.