The Mighty Mark 1 Escort

The Ford Escort Mk1 is loved by thousands and it has a special connection to New Zealanders as it was part of the life blood of our long dead car assembly industry. NZ was one of only a handful of countries that assembled them and we bought them by the thousands. We loved them then and we really love them now. However, most have been loved to death so those that remain have become highly desirable, like this 1974 1300GT at Turners Christchurch. Read on...

Nearly everyone of a certain age has driven one or been driven in one. And many who grew up in the 70s and 80s have fond memories of hooning around in one, modifying one or racing one. Today there is a huge nostalgic following for the Ford Escort and the Mk1 1300 GT is about the most affordable of the sporting variants.

Now I know many will be saying – the 2 door ones are the most desirable, and that is certainly true. But the 1300GT with 2 door shell was not assembled in NZ, as far as I can tell, and were only imported fully built in very small numbers.  There were other 2 door variants assembled here but mostly in base spec. And let’s be honest, a four door model is more practical unless you are racing a modified example.

This car was was assembled in Lower Hutt in 1974 and the GT rego is original to the car. Could this have been a press car? It is in lovely condition and kept largely standard. Mark 1 Escorts aren’t cheap any more, and probably never will be. In fact they will probably just keep going up as it’s one of those cars that’s not just attractive to older nostalgia hunters. The Escort appeals to younger car enthusiasts, too.

This beautiful example is being auctioned at Turners Christchurch on the 11th March with an auction estimate of $34,000 - $38,000. More details here.

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