A Proper 4x4 for Posh People

The Defender has long been the go-to vehicle to make posh people look more rugged. But make no mistake, this is one tough beast from a time when the Defender was a stripped back, no nonsense, work truck. The new Defender is actually posh. It’s all modern and flash and it probably doesn’t even leak oil like it’s supposed to. And costs around $150k. Turners North Shore has this one that could be yours. Read on...

The Land Rover Defender is the modern day version of the original 1948 masterpiece and in 2015 it still looked kind of the same. It was still the go anywhere, do anything, don’t mess with me truck it’s always been but with a few comforts that the old one didn’t have. The old Landys had hard seats, no carpet, panel gaps so wide you could drive another Land Rover through them, and no heater. Basically, the people that drove them had to be as tough as the car itself.  This 2003 Defender 90 is a little more civilised, but only a little – it’s still very basic, even by 2003 standards.

The Defender as we know it ended its prodigious 67 year production run in January 2016. So this 2003 short wheel base example is one of the last great, properly uncomfortable, Defenders.

This generation of Defender is destined for classic status but not before it has taken you on the journey of your life. And there’s this other thing about old defenders: they hold their value. More info here.

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