Aqua – Still or Sparkling

As fuel prices rise we will start to see more people who previously “wouldn’t be seen dead in a Hybrid or EV” very much alive and behind the wheel of a hybrid or EV. Escalating costs will do that to some firmly held positions and the refusal to drive a more efficient vehicle becomes a less attractive hill to die on. So why not face the inevitable now and start saving? Would you like your Aqua still or sparkling? Read on...

The Toyota Aqua has been a huge success for Toyota. It sold 1.8 million of them, mostly in Japan but also as the Prius C in other parts of the world. It’s small and comfortable and far from exciting from a driving point of view. But the Aqua is fuel efficient. In 2012 it was ranked No1 in the US by the EPA in the fuel efficiency charts (excluding plug-in electric vehicles). You can generally expect to use under 5 litres per 100kms and you’ll be pumping less pollution into the atmosphere.

Above we have two examples at the same price of $16950. The Sparkling Aqua with two tone paint, alloy wheels and fancier interior, is from 2015 with 118,000kms and has gone through Turners’ certification process. The still Aqua with its more sober styling is from 2016 with 62,000kms and is also a certified car.

The Aqua is not likely to get your blood pumping whilst canyon carving in your driving gloves and aviators but let’s face it, most of your driving is probably an urban commute in heavy traffic. And the fuel savings you make on the commute could go towards fixing your highly-strung weekend car that’s always breaking.

The Aqua is not going to be for everyone. Nobody is suggesting you buy an Aqua if you need to transport 4 kids, two dogs, tow a boat and carry half a tonne of concrete. But if urban driving with the rest of the population is your routine then this might be the way to go.

Both of these Aquas, and plenty more, are available at Turners now. More details here.

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