Small Fiats for the Chop?

Small cars have been a Fiat mainstay for decades and they sell like torte calde in Europe with the Panda its biggest seller. But it turns out small cars cost plenty to develop and build and come with an expectation of a cheap price tag meaning they just aren’t profitable. So Fiat are pulling the plug and focusing on its larger cars. So if you’ve never owned a small, cheap Fiat now might be the time. Read on...
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Your Very Own Mobile Command Station?

When someone asks you what you drive, wouldn’t it be cool to say “a mobile command station”? Well you could if you buy this ex NZ Fire Service command station with a price tag that seems ridiculously small for a vehicle with such a lofty title. Read on...
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7 Year Itch

0-100kph in a smidge over 3 seconds! That’s about as long as it took you to read that opening sentence. That’s also the headline number for this truly remarkable car. This Caterham 7 Superlight CSR260 is being sold as part of Turner’s classic auction this Saturday and it’s hard to imagine you’ll go faster for less money. Read on...
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Spring Check-Up

Winter seems to be behind us now so as we’re heading into the warmer months it might be a good time to give you and your car a post winter medical.
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Tesla a NZ Best Seller

For the first time an electric vehicle has made the top sellers list in New Zealand. Tesla’s Model 3 sold 359 units in September making it the 7th biggest seller overall and 3rd in passenger vehicle sales behind Toyota’s Corolla and Yaris, both of which had their numbers boosted significantly by sales to rental car companies.
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Christchurch Classic Auction

It’s that time again when lovers of old classics, exotics and sports-cars start digging down the back of the sofa looking for any loose change that can go towards purchasing their next dream car. Yes, the next Christchurch Classic auction takes place on November 2nd and the line-up is starting to look very tasty indeed. Here are three of my picks.
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One of the Greats - 24th October

Turners next classic auction is less than two weeks away and there are some tasty entries in the line-up but it’s this shabby little Fiat that caught my eye. It’s clearly a project but for someone wanting to tackle a restoration on the simpler end of the scale this is it. And when you’re done you’ll own a masterpiece. Read on...
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K-Pop Coupe

Hyundai has pretty much nailed the hatchback and urban SUV markets and has even created a hot hatch contender in the i30 N. And its foray into the sport coupe market was a giant leap forward over its previous attempts, with the Veloster, a bonkers looking coupe/hatch/sedan with a cool name. Like this one at Turners Whangarei. Read on...
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The Havals and the Haval Nots

Remember when Hyundai first started selling cars here? Badge snobs everywhere (basically nearly everyone) wouldn’t touch them. But look at Hyundai now. Are Haval the next Hyundai? There’s no denying that the Haval H2 is a well priced, well sorted, small SUV. This 1 year old example has just 12000kms on the clock and can be driven away for $19,990. But would you? Read on...
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The Cuddly Cactus

For some the main thorny issues with the Citroen C4 Cactus will be its looks and, in this case, maybe its colour. But there’s a lot to like about this Cactus even if it appears the designers were partaking in a taste of the prickly plant’s juice. Read on...
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