Christmas Auction Schedule


The last auction of 2017 is our Mega Auction on Thursday 28th December with most branches participating.

BranchMega Auction Time
Whangarei 5pm
Penrose (Auckland) 1pm
Hamilton 11am
Tauranga 4pm
Napier 5pm
Palmerston North 10am
Wellington 12pm 
Christchurch 6pm 
Dunedin 4.30pm

Please see the below times for the final regular weekly branch auctions for 2017.

BranchLast regular auction 2017
Whangarei Tuesday 19 December
Penrose (Auckland) Thursday 21 December
Hamilton Thursday 21 December
Tauranga Thursday 21 December
Napier Wednesday 20 December 
Palmerston North Thursday 21 December 
Wellington Thursday 21 December 
Christchurch Thursday 21 December 
Dunedin Tuesday 19 December
Dealer Only Auction Wednesday 13 December


The first auction of 2018 is our Mega Auction on Thursday 4th January with most branches participating - auction times are the same as the Mega Auction on the 28th December as listed above.


Please see the below times for the first regular weekly branch auctions for 2018.

BranchFirst regular auction 2018
Whangarei Tuesday 9 January
Penrose (Auckland) Tuesday 9 January 
Hamilton Thursday 11 January 
Tauranga Thursday 11 January  
Napier Wednesday 10 January 
Palmerston North Tuesday 9 January 
Wellington Wednesday 10 January  
Christchurch Monday 8 January 
Dunedin Tuesday 9 January
Dealer Only Auction Wednesday 17 January