National Truck & Machinery Online Auction

Every week we run a National Truck & Machinery online auction, so you can bid from anywhere.

The auction runs for seven days, it starts every Monday from 6pm and finishes the following Monday.

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Why Turners Trucks & Machinery?

We're New Zealand's largest seller of trucks & machinery, and make buying and selling easy. 

If you need it, chances are we've got it, or soon will - browse our stock today.  Or if you're interested in selling, get in touch.

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Turners Network

We have a dedicated team of Trucks & Machinery experts and a national branch network from Whangarei to Dunedin.  Get in touch today.

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Got a truck or asset to sell? We offer a range of methods to get you the best results.

At Turners, we give you a range of ways to sell to get the best return, while making it easy and hassle free for you.  Reach thousands of interested buyers competing for your assets.

Selling by either BuyNow, online auction, online tender or outcry auction is completely hassle free - we manage the entire process for you.

Bring your asset in for an expert valuation
Contact your nearest Turners consultant and make an appointment for a time that suits you.

Recommendation of optimal sales method
Once our auction consultant has valued your truck or machine, we will recommend the best way to sell - either BuyNow, online auction, online tender, event auction.  Then we will help you set a price.

  • BuyNow - Retail sales channel, asset is purchased straightaway.  Can be used as a standalone strategy or in conjunction with another sales channel.
  • Online Auction - Market sets the price.  Your assets will be included in our weekly online national auction 
  • Online Tender - Effective way to sell speciality assets.  Price isn't disclosed.  You have control over who purchases your asset.
  • Outcry Auction - We can create a tailored event auction featuring your assets at an offsite location.  Recommended for sales that feature a large quantity of assets. 


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We take care of the rest
Once you decide on your method, Turners will manage all advertising, questions, inspections and queries.  Once your asset is sold, we’ll handle the change of ownership and you’ll have the money in your bank account within 48 hours.


 Find your nearest consultant, or call us on 0800 GET TRUCKS (0800 438 878) or email


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