Online tenders

Online tenders allow customers with a Turners website account to submit their tender from the goods page at the time they are viewing it online.

You can view a list of tenders you have submitted and be able to update them online.

You can also view the assets you have submitted tenders for in the last two weeks.


Submitting a tender is easy:


1)      When you’ve found an asset you wish to submit a tender for, simply click PLACE TENDER


2)      Log in when prompted, or create an account if you don't have a Turners website account


3)      Enter your price in the box, tick to show that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions (circled) for this tender and click PLACE TENDER. If you want to place a tender on multiple lots but only win one you need tick the area indicated below by the arrow.



 4)      You can view a list of the assets you have tendered for anytime while logged in. Simply open the MY ACCOUNT menu and click WATCHLIST - View