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Hundreds of BuyNow trucks throughout New Zealand


If you’re in the market for a truck or machine look no further! We have hundreds of BuyNow trucks and machines throughout New Zealand - from Whangarei all the way down to Dunedin.

Buying a truck or machine is easy with BuyNow. It means you can buy a truck on the spot for a great price – you don’t have to wait for an auction. 

All BuyNow assets are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act, learn more here.


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Want to BuyNow?

BuyNow vehicles and goods mean you can purchase directly from the Turners website.

It's easy to tell which vehicles and goods you can buy now, simply look for the purple box below

You may still purchase a good if it is in a live auction, it will have the green live auction box.  You will still be able to purchase this good up to 60 minutes before the live auction starts, so long as the "BuyNow" button is still available

If the item you want to buy has the blue 'Online Auction' box, for information on how to purchase please click here 

How to BuyNow

Create an account or log in and then simply click on the 'BuyNow" button.

The next screen will ask you to accept the Buyer Terms and Conditions, and the Vehicle's Condition guide.

To read these documents click on the blue links.

Once you have ticked both the boxes, you can press the continue button

Next you will be asked to confirm your purchase.

The deposit you need to pay will be displayed below, this amount will be deducted from the credit card you have registered to your account, as below (up to $500).

Press "use this card" if you wish to finalise the purchase with the registered credit card, or "continue with a new card" if you wish to change the credit card registered to your account.

Congratulations on your new purchase!  You will receive two emails regarding your deposit and balance.


If you have further questions, you may find the answer in our tools & tips.


Looking for a particular truck or machine?

If you’re interested in receiving email alerts about a particular type of BuyNow truck or machine, you can set up a saved search from your Turners website account. Simply click here to find out how.


Need Finance?

Try us! Turners Finance offer competitive rates, better than what you might expect from a standard finance company or bank. Plus it’s an easy process and approvals are quick.

To talk to our team about special Buy Now rates call 0800 438 346.

Click here to go to our finance page.