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As a small thank you to any essential worker that buys a vehicle or asset off Turners during the lockdown we’ll also be giving you a $50 prezzy card.  We hope you’ll treat yourself to something that just takes your mind away from the battle you guys are fronting for the rest of us.  We appreciate all of you keeping the country going while we stamp this thing out. 


We have received permission from MBIE to supply vehicles, trucks or machinery to essential businesses and workers

-        This is being monitored during work hours and one of the team will quickly be in touch

-        Please let us know of the situation – and which essential service you are

-        This will of course have to be on a case by case basis depending on what is involved and the vehicle or machinery that you want to buy.

-        Rest assured we do have a process to sell vehicles and machinery without any contact at all.

 Many of the Turners Cars and Trucks & Machinery team are working from home to manage any questions you may have.

If you are not an essential business we would still like to help you. Turners will be taking deposits on vehicles or machinery that can be collected at the end of the lockdown. Please browse the website and find your next vehicle or asset as you can easily secure it now online, for collection when the lock down is over. To do this please email the consultant on the listing of the vehicle or asset that you want, or email us at contact@turners.co.nz for more advice and one of the team will be in touch.


Read our full Covid-19 update here.