Buyer and Sellers fees

Buyers fees are payable on all items and guarantees legal ownership. We make sure the person selling is authorised to do so.

You can view a PDF of our Buyer Terms and Conditions and Website Terms and Conditions.


Buyers Fees for Turners & Trade MeAuctions

There are no Buyers Fees on Turners or Trade Me auctions - what you bid is what you pay

Note: We do however reserve the right to charge Buyers Fees on some event based auctions, please ensure you always check the listing for details.

Unless otherwise stated, buyers fees include GST.

Sellers Fees for Turners & Trade Me Auctions
Sale price Fee
Up to $499 35% of the Trade Me sale price
$500 to $1,499 $175 plus 20% of the Trade Me sale price

$1,500 and over

$375 plus 10% of the Trade Me sale price

Sellers fees exclude GST. Sellers fees cover commission, entry fee, Trade Me costs, admin and invoicing, insurance (for goods on our site), plus advertising on our website.


Tender Fees for Turners & Trade MeAuctions
Negotiable - talk to your local branch