End of Life Cars

As the name suggests, End of Life cars are older cars that are nearing the end of their life expectancy. They also tend to have higher mileage. Most cars are estimated to be less than $2,000 - some are even less than $1,000.

You can find a End of Life vehicle in our search page here.

Damaged & End of Life auctions

You can also find End of Life vehicles in the Damaged & End of Life Auctions. Some vehicles for sale in these auctions may be damaged or require additional work to get it road worthy.

A pre purchase condition report is not available for these cars. We highly recommend that you view the vehicle before bidding or contact a Turners consultant for more information.

Important note about End of Life cars

* The purchaser needs to be aware that other than misleading or false advertising related to End of Life vehicles, they come with no support or warranty. While the Consumer Guarantees Act applies, please be aware that vehicles are being advertised as End of Life, along with the age, condition, mileage and price, as these will affect the validity of any claims the purchaser makes. Please take every reasonable effort to ensure End of Life vehicles are suitable for the purpose the purchaser intends for it. Viewing the vehicle is highly recommended. Independent vehicle inspections are also available through any Turners branch, please contact a Turners consultant for more information before arranging any form of inspection.

Frequently asked questions

Please click here for some FAQs that will help you learn more about End of Life Cars.