Innovate and WIN!


Help shape our future by sharing and supporting innovative ideas - and you could win a $100 voucher.

Simply click here to submit your idea.

Please be specific, details should include;

  • What the idea is.
  • What benefits it could provide and to whom
  • If you have any details of costs and the savings or increase in profit/revenue it could provide
  • Whose idea it is (if you are submitting on behalf of someone else)
  • Any other details you think relevant

All ideas submitted in a month, will be evaluated and the winner chosen. Winners will be announced on our intranet and by email.

Why are we holding this competition ?

Great Ideas often come from within an organisation, you are in a unique position of understanding our business better than anyone else. You live and breathe it every day. You can appreciate opportunities for improvement, pain points that hold us back. Sharing your ideas on how we can make the most of these is a Win-Win, as they could benefit you, other staff, customers and the company as a whole.

So put your thinking cap on and submit your ideas.

It can be for any area of our business, what can do better, what we aren't doing, what we shouldn't be doing. Think outside the square, it can be a Mobile App, MaRS change, a different way of doing something or a way of adding value for our vendors, customers or staff.


Good Luck